Sales Training Bonus Tip Of The Week

June 3, 2007

Hi everybody,

I am too excited to contain myself. Monday June the 2nd is the BIG day! All the things I have been hinting about will be announced. Even though it appears that I am teasing you, respectfully I don’t mean to, I just can’t say anything. It’s harder for me than you the gracious readers.

Now to the “Bonus Tip Of The Week”.

I often see young sales persons when giving sales presentations and while describing certain features ALWAYS refer to how much THEY like the feature. WRONG approach!

The advanced way of doing this is to comment on how much EVERYONE else likes that particular feature. Remember it is NOT about YOU! Not only that, anyone that has a fair amount of intelligence realizes that a beginner sales person more than likely doesn’t even own the product. You lost the sincerity aspect of the bonding process. On the other hand, by informing the prospective customer that EVERYONE else loves that particular feature makes the customer feel like they want to agree with everyone else and love that feature also.

Remember new sales persons It is not about YOU! The customer doesn’t care about what you like. They care what everyone else thinks. Also remember sincerity IS one of the 8 Basics of Success!

“The Specialist”


3 Responses to “Sales Training Bonus Tip Of The Week”

  1. Love it!
    It’s not about you!
    It’s about you showing them why it is beneficial to them. Let them tell you how they want to be sold, and then show them how the product or service fills their need!
    Awesome post!

  2. chris sucker free Says:

    i have to say that played a really big role in my day today. my very first sale was about 15 mins after we opened didnt even have everything set up yet. Everything the guy thought was good,great, whatever i replied with thats what everyone says and he was like yea! Then i did a few more advanced tech and it just was so perfect. It really works!

  3. Don Vance Says:

    Hello fellow automobile dealers and salespeople!

    My name is Don Vance, and I have spent 23 years in the automobile industry. It has been 7 years since “being in the trenches”, but I still sell cars in my dreams? I want to emphasize that for a carpenter to be good, he needs good tools, but for a great carpenter, he needs great tools to be great.

    Does this make sense? As an automobile dealer, for you, your words are tools. For excellent
    car sales closing you need to be prepared! You already know you are going to engage in a dialogue with a customer every day, so why would you go into that unprepared like the rookies?

    Baseball players practice hitting the ball before the real games right? Have you ever heard,

    “we are just looking?”!

    Of course you have because most salesmen start out with this question, “can I help you?”!


    How many times have they heard this from the previous car lot they were at, and in years past? You have just said, “HI, I am untrained, and just like the rest, I am interested in your wallet and mine!”?

    You need to assert yourself above the rest with a “hello, my name is Joe Johnson, welcome to ABC motors!”
    How can they say we are just looking now? After breaking the ice, and taking control of your peeps, you need to be armed and dangerous when it comes to being ready for car sales closing

    This comes with hearing great closes over and over again, and then using them daily till it becomes a natural habit, and that’s because repetition is “The Mother of Skill”!

    I cannot even imagine the tens of $1000’s of dollars I had left on the table over many years of my selling career, let alone how many more dollars I did not put into the auto dealers pocket! 3 times more than I lost?!

    So find the best car sales closing techniques or closes you can find on CD, and listen to them on your way to and from work. It will put thousands of dollars more into your pocket every year! For the sales managers this is the surefire way to keep your team sales high, and have better job security! Set your guys and gals up with these closes, which will add confidence and bounce in their step when they are reading to meet and greet their next prospect.

    Another words, have your sales team show up to the knife fight every day with a gun! Like I said armed and dangerous! Never ever forget, THE BIGGER THE GROSS THE HAPPIER THE CUSTOMER!

    Happy Closing!
    Don Vance

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