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Another day and another post. I love spending time with you! Remember, only 7 days until the “Big Announcement”!

On today’s post I was inspired by someone, actually two people, that I have had some influence in their sales career. One of the sales persons was having a little difficulty and so decided to go watch the other salesperson work. After watching for a couple of hours the first salesperson proceeded to go out and make THREE sales! When I met with him later he informed me that what he had learned was Patience WITH Persistence! An amazing analysis. I thought I would elaborate on it a little.

What the salesperson meant was that he had always heard cliches like “persistence beats resistance”. Well true, this is a perfect example of a non-qualified trainer repeating cute one liners and not really explaining what they mean or at best not elaborating or demonstrating HOW to persist to beat resistance! This is one of the MAIN reasons I do this blog. I hate to see people lose valuable time in their development by mis-information.

Salesperson #2 did not only Himself a great service but also a great thing for our industry. Not only did He tell the salesperson HOW to use Patience WITH Persistence, but also spent time with Him demonstrating it! Kudos to you SIR! And I know who you are! Thank you for being a great ambassador for our industry!

“The Specialist”


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I have another special post for you tonight. I got a late start.

What I would like you to do or imagine is two straight lines drawn on a piece of paper about 2 inches apart. At the top of the 1st line put the letter “E” and on the bottom of the second line put the letters “PK”. Now if you want what “The Specialist” calls the “Perfect Storm” in your career, in other words the perfect peak performance, pay close attention.

When someone starts a new position the “E” at the top of the first line represents Enthusiasm, (by the way one of the 8 basics), the “PK” at the bottom of the other line represents Product Knowledge, (another part of one of the 8 basics, self confidence). At the beginning of the new position the enthusiasm is at the very top of the pinnacle and the product knowledge is at the very bottom of the pinnacle. As your product knowledge goes up the enthusiasm goes DOWN. Eventually the product knowledge will be at the top and the enthusiasm will be at the bottom, or at the very least at the half way point down the line.

Eventually the person leaves the job and starts over somewhere else. “The Perfect Storm” in Sales and Management or any other profession is to keep the enthusiasm at the top of the line and let the product knowledge catch up to the top. Then and only then do you have the ultimate scenario.

You can speak to almost any employer and they will tell you, regardless of the profession, that the employee was a lot more enthusiastic the first month or two on the job then the current state. Just another important tip from yours truly,

“The Specialist”

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I am nice and fresh after the Holiday and I hope you are as well.

Before I start with tonight’s post I want to share with you an idea I have to blend in with the election year. What “The Specialist” is going to do is take each serious candidate from each party and, since they are very much IN SALES, in fact some would say the sale of their life, I will grade them on their sales expertise and let you the reader know what the REAL DEAL is.

There will be NO political agendas, just facts based on their sales expertise. Remember they are selling YOU for YOUR vote! Now on with today,s post.

What I have found so unbelievable is the amount of experienced salespersons out of work. I ran a test recently and actually put an ad in the newspaper for salesperson. What an experience. Almost everyone that came in proceeded to tell me of their fantastic feats of accomplishments. It was truly amazing to listen to. I will just give you a brief sampling before I highlight a few points.

I heard everything from “I was the greatest that ever lived and my boss was jealous of my success” , “I have been selling for 15 years and I have sold everything”, “I had to leave because my boss was hitting on me”, “I didn’t like my manager”, “the training was no good” to “too many hours”…and the list goes on.

The problem was all of these people had two or three common denominators. First and most obvious, THEY WERE UNEMPLOYED! Why? Well, some of the many excuses I heard had merit, while others were ridiculous.

I have been in sales/management 40 years now and I have only filled out one application…the one for my first sales job! If you are so damn good why are you out of work? My boss is jealous of my success…give me a break! You mean you didn’t know how to incorporate your boss into your great success! I’ve sold EVERYTHING…We all know this one…a Jack of ALL trades and good at NONE!

Another common denominator that I found was only one of these people took any ownership that some of it might have been their fault! It was amazing! Not only that, not one of these people were trainable! They were all set in their ways. Now, some of them gave tremendous lip service, but when the rubber met the road they couldn’t begin to take on new ideas or even learn to correct the things that flawed their last job performance.

I did meet one gentleman, however, that did have sales experience and was the only one in all of the interviews that relished the thought of being mentored by someone that had more experience then himself. For this person I say “The Specialist” will GUARANTEE your success! I will put MY name and reputation on it! For all you other experienced, unemployed sales persons, a word to the wise. When you are applying for a position, if you want to be taken seriously don’t sell all your accomplishments to the point you look silly being unemployed. Let your hopefully new employer know right up front you ARE WILLING TO LEARN! Remember he has a job, YOU Don’t! I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised with your results and you won’t be looking for a new job anytime soon.

“The Specialist”

Hello Everybody,

I thought I would shift gears today and just take this time to wish everyone a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.

I hope everyone will take just a few minutes out of your busy weekend off and say a few prayers for all of our present and past fallen heroes, along with all of the proud American Warriors that are fighting for our freedom, not only now but also for all the great warriors that have served our wonderful Nation in the past. I, being a veteran, am taking this weekend off from posting and will resume on Tuesday. Again, have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend!

By the way, next week I have some great topics and we will be down to only 8 days for the biggest news to appear on this blog in it’s history…can’t wait to share it with you!

“The Specialist”

We Support Our Troops

We deeply appreciate the U.S. Armed Forces’ service to our Country!

Hello everybody,

I ran into something very interesting today. I had an experienced sales person run into an unusual situation for himself.

He was selling a new product that he was not that familiar with and even though the company was a giant company his product knowledge was limited. He went on to tell me that he almost had the sale when the customer told him that he could have the sale if he could fax over the names and phone numbers of about 5 present customers that are already doing business with the company. What the young man ( remember All of you out there are young to “The Specialist”) failed to realize was that what the potential client was saying was that there was a trust issue. Somewhere throughout his relationship he did not win over the client’s trust.

I proceeded to explain to this sales person that all the references in the world would not change the equation. First off all the good intentioned references seem to always say great things but usually qualify their reference with something like…”after the initial bumps in the road it has been great working with the company”. Something like this or a variation. The road to hell is paved with good intentions!

Also unless you sell everybody the exact same product at exactly the same price you leave yourself wide open. How I told the salesperson to handle the situation is a standard reply that I have successfully used for years. What I say is, “Mr. Jones obviously there is a trust issue here and unfortunately due to confidentiality we are not allowed to give out that information…not to mention no one wants to be bothered all day by people calling for references. I know Mr. Jones you wouldn’t like it either”.

Having said that I go on to reiterate that since it is a trust issue why would he put himself in a position to ask the very person that he is skeptical of to give him 5 references. I could easily have 5 friends waiting for his call to say nothing but how great the company is. I go on to show him how foolish it would be to base a financial decision on this. At this point I go on to re-summarize all the national accounts that are with the company and stress that none of these accounts would be there if the company did not deliver what they promised. I then continue on with the remainder of the presentation and wrap up the sale.

By the way since I am “The Specialist” this problem only occurred in my early years before I mastered sincerity (one of the 8 basics). As you develop in this great profession you will find out that 99% of all the objections you run into can be dealt with long before they become OBJECTIONS!

“The Specialist”

Hello everybody,

I can hardly contain myself. There are only 10 more days before the biggest news on this site will be revealed. It is very exciting. I don’t mean to tease you but I can’t contain myself. I better switch subjects before I let the cat out of the bag.

Tonight’s post is the conclusion of the 3 part series on how to create a sales team. We left off last night where the crew is just starting to jell. Now the hardest part is to successfully LAYER your organization and polish everyone. The tendencies of most managers is that as soon as someone can sell they think their work is done and they can take time off or focus on other tasks. WRONG! This is a critical time to show your producers how much you care and how much farther they have to go.

Of course, while doing this you have to be doing the same beginning process with the newer people until they are producing. The objective is to have the early producers become your pace setters and then from their enthusiasm the newer people begin to shine. The real surprise is that you never know with any certainty who is really going to become your top performers out of the group. There are a lot of disappointments along the way. One of the original producers may falter or lose interest for a variety of reasons and all of a sudden one of the newer producers takes the lead and refuses to give it up. Sometimes I have gone through 3 or 4 groups of people before I find the first consistent producer. That is why I mentioned at the beginning that it takes extreme patience and persistence. It is very easy to get discouraged when one or two groups don’t work out.

Remember the “Stone Cutter” story. The people that passed by when a single blow broke the stone missed the 100 strokes before it. Pretty prophetic. Once you think you have a viable crew you can finally take a deep breath and slowly, and I mean slowly, fade into the woodwork. What I mean by this is maybe you can appoint a tentative crew leader and let them know that you have an errand to do and you will be back shortly. This is the beginning of your true evaluation of your work. If you come back and everything is working smoothly, you can step out for a little longer period of time. “Special Tip” – NEVER tell the staff when you are expected to return. Sometimes I never really leave. I watch the operation from a distance and do my evaluation. Someone once said, “It is not what you do when I am around that counts, but what you do when I am not around that is most important!”

Now once you have your successful crew built and it can function in your absence, it is imperative that you are still around at various times so they understand that you are still very much involved in the operation. It is also important that you make those times when you ARE around count! Do not miss the opportunity to show advanced techniques to your peak performers in both sales and management, while still selling everyone on the big picture of advancement and opportunity. In other words continue priming the pump. I hope you have enjoyed this series as much as I have enjoyed sharing it with you.

“The Specialist”

Hi everybody,

It’s time for part two of creating a sales team.

Remember where we left off. You have one or two persons that have just started selling and you are in the weeding out process. I think I told you yesterday not to get excited because you haven’t built anything yet! That’s exactly what I mean.

Part 2 is critical because you now potentially have a nucleus to build around. What you do next is going to determine whether you have to start all over again. One of the most important things you have to be aware of is that this IS NOT the time to let up! Quite the contrary, this is the time to put forth more effort in training your people that are selling and quickly trying to get them to be self efficient as soon as possible. It is also imperative that you begin showing them the BIG picture. Once a person has accomplished, I don’t mean “become accomplished”, in making a couple of sales you must show them the bigger picture of where their success is going to take them.

Remember, in my earlier posts I talked about reading your people and finding out what motivates them, well this is one of the times that your read really counts. For example, I might focus with one person on the opportunity for management while another person is strictly motivated by money. While all this is going on I am continuing to sell and show the older and newer people how it is done. All the while I am constantly selling the job and the company and their opportunity. The secret of success to all of this is you MUST deliver!

You not only have to teach, you have to have enough knowledge to have SOMETHING to teach! It sounds like a lot of work, and it is, but you can really eliminate a lot of duplication by doing it right the first time. I also involve the people who can sell in teaching their newer counterparts. Not only does it save me some time but it also gives me insight into which person has leadership skills or unique teaching skills. These characteristics will play a very important role as we continue to Create A Sales Team.

Tomorrow…layering and polishing.

“The Specialist”