“The Specialist” has over 38 years of sales, management and training experience! When one thinks of salespersons one usually thinks of the typical car, copy machine, pharmaceutical, business to business type sales persons. “The Specialist” has over 25 years of hard core door to door sales with no leads and no referrals and for 38 years has never had a guaranteed paycheck! “The Specialist” has interviewed over 250,000 people in the privacy of their home, has interviewed over 5,000 people for employment opportunities, group interviewed and sold literally tens of thousands of people, spoken at colleges and universities and has literally amassed millions upon millions of dollars in sales! While being recognized as “Man of the Year” six times in his career and being awarded enough awards to fill three 8′ by 10′ walls and training people from coast to coast in sales and management who have gone on to stellar careers themselves, “The Specialist” has decided it is time in his career to pass all of his knowledge and experiences to the next generation of great salespersons and managers! I hope you will benefit and enjoy the entries in this blog as it is not only designed for training purposes but to give you a REAL inside look into the greatest profession on this planet! Hope to hear from you soon.

“The Specialist”

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