Patience WITH Persistence In Sales

May 31, 2007

Hello kind readers,

Another day and another post. I love spending time with you! Remember, only 7 days until the “Big Announcement”!

On today’s post I was inspired by someone, actually two people, that I have had some influence in their sales career. One of the sales persons was having a little difficulty and so decided to go watch the other salesperson work. After watching for a couple of hours the first salesperson proceeded to go out and make THREE sales! When I met with him later he informed me that what he had learned was Patience WITH Persistence! An amazing analysis. I thought I would elaborate on it a little.

What the salesperson meant was that he had always heard cliches like “persistence beats resistance”. Well true, this is a perfect example of a non-qualified trainer repeating cute one liners and not really explaining what they mean or at best not elaborating or demonstrating HOW to persist to beat resistance! This is one of the MAIN reasons I do this blog. I hate to see people lose valuable time in their development by mis-information.

Salesperson #2 did not only Himself a great service but also a great thing for our industry. Not only did He tell the salesperson HOW to use Patience WITH Persistence, but also spent time with Him demonstrating it! Kudos to you SIR! And I know who you are! Thank you for being a great ambassador for our industry!

“The Specialist”


One Response to “Patience WITH Persistence In Sales”

  1. Puneeth H R Says:

    It would be insanely helpful if you could elaborate the technique and the circumstances for it do gives us your perspective on the whole technique. Thanks a lot for blogging and sharing.

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