“The “Specialist” Gives His Take

June 7, 2007

Hello everybody,

I gave everyone a management scenario yesterday and promised to give you my take. Well here we go.

First it was obvious that the manager should not have left the young crew leader without instructions. EVERYONE got that! But what and why if anything should the young crew leader have done with the 2 new faces that were not performing up to company standards? Let’s look at this closely.

Since this young crew leader was gone for 3 days and did not know these 3 people her first obligation should have been to assess the situation. Who are they? Are they new? Possibly from another location? Are they just on loan for the night? Are they permanent new staff? Now, regardless of her conclusion the only thing she should have done is welcome these people with open arms to HER LOCATION, make some new friends and when the Manager returns, tell HIM your concerns. The last thing the young crew leader should do is attempt to enforce company standards! That is a recipe for disaster. You will instantly create animosity.

Remember, assess the situation first, I mean lets face it if they are only on loan for a single night, why even get involved. Let the Manager do it. Always when you find yourself in a new situation around new people, win them over FIRST, then convey your ideas or implement your companies policies. Darn, if this doesn’t sound a lot like sales!

“The Specialist”


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