Management Scenario Of The Day…What Say You?

June 6, 2007

Hello everybody,

Okay, here’s the scenario.

Young crew leader comes back to work after 3 days off finds that her manager has brought over 2 girls and one young man to her location. The Manager has to go to the restroom and leaves the 3 new faces with the young crew leader until he returns. He gives no instructions. The 2 new female faces are not performing up to expected company standards. The young crew leader knows what everyone should do and should not do. Now keep in mind there are a lot of variations that could take place IF the Manager had left specific instructions. The fact is He didn’t and we cannot change that.

Now the ultimate question…If you were the young crew leader, how and why, if at all, would you have handled the situation? In other words, “WHAT SAY YOU?”

“The Specialist” will give you His take tomorrow!


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