Intimidation In Sales/Management

June 5, 2007

Hello everybody,

Just a few more days and it’s on. The biggest announcement in this Blog’s history.

Today’s Post is about young Managers being intimidated by overbearing older employees, as well as competition trying to shop your location. YOU MUST make a STAND!
It is no different than when the neighborhood bully tries to intimidate you. Eventually you have to stand up to them. You will be amazed the respect you as a young Manager will earn when that moment comes.

How do you get the courage? First off, you remember who is the employer! Without YOU, He or She has NO job! Secondly, you come to terms that without them you MIGHT lose a little IMMEDIATE volume, but the long term benefit, not only for your team but especially for yourself, will be enormous. People as a whole are looking for someone to follow. You just have to step up! If you are one of the young Managers that does not stand up, you will certainly have large problems.

I have actually seen Manager’s stay away from their location just to avoid confrontation. Confrontation can be very good. Once you have taken CONTROL your staff will follow you anywhere. You will have EARNED their respect. Isn’t that what’s it all about? What say you?

“The Specialist”


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