Cutting Out The Cancer In Sales/Management

June 2, 2007

Hi everybody,

I have a sad sales/management story to share with you tonight.

I know some “real trainers” that are very similar to myself. Unfortunately they share one of my biggest weaknesses. I believe that I can develop anyone! The fact is “The Specialist CAN! The problem is that in spite all of the belief, patience, skill, passion and training skills, there ARE LIMITS! Character and integrity cannot be developed. I am very sad to say there are people that just WILL NOT allow themselves to be successful!

I personally have given employees chance after chance only to find out that small percentage just doesn’t get it. I had this one young person that had NO social skills and no place to live, even to the point his own family would not allow him on their property. This young person continued to self destruct. No matter how much help we tried to give this young person, the more deceitful and keniving he became. It is beyond comprehension. I even fired this person once and when a new location opened up gave him another chance, hoping that a fresh start would be what he needed. All I received in return was a lesson in theft and deceit. It got to the point that it was time to cut out the cancer.

I felt very bad, having said that it could not continue. The lesson here for all of you new trainers, and even some of you experienced trainers, that truly train because you love to watch young people develop is KNOW WHEN TO CUT YOUR LOSSES! I, “The Specialist” was not a good example this time.

On my behalf, It is hard when you truly want to see these kids succeed. I used my blog to vent tonight but I do want you to know the entire staff was relieved, not just for themselves but for “The Specialist”, as they know how much I put into each person. What say you?

“The Specialist”


One Response to “Cutting Out The Cancer In Sales/Management”

  1. You are right. You can only do so much, and then you have to adjust. Knowing when to cut your losses is critical, and knowing how to help the person realize what they are doing is not for them…although it may be tough is essential as well! Its ok to vent once and awhile, but getting back on track after you vent is the thing to focus on after realeasing some frustration. As you walk away from the situation just know that you did everything that you could, and to move onto the next one!

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