The Perfect Storm In Sales And Management

May 30, 2007

Hello everybody,

I have another special post for you tonight. I got a late start.

What I would like you to do or imagine is two straight lines drawn on a piece of paper about 2 inches apart. At the top of the 1st line put the letter “E” and on the bottom of the second line put the letters “PK”. Now if you want what “The Specialist” calls the “Perfect Storm” in your career, in other words the perfect peak performance, pay close attention.

When someone starts a new position the “E” at the top of the first line represents Enthusiasm, (by the way one of the 8 basics), the “PK” at the bottom of the other line represents Product Knowledge, (another part of one of the 8 basics, self confidence). At the beginning of the new position the enthusiasm is at the very top of the pinnacle and the product knowledge is at the very bottom of the pinnacle. As your product knowledge goes up the enthusiasm goes DOWN. Eventually the product knowledge will be at the top and the enthusiasm will be at the bottom, or at the very least at the half way point down the line.

Eventually the person leaves the job and starts over somewhere else. “The Perfect Storm” in Sales and Management or any other profession is to keep the enthusiasm at the top of the line and let the product knowledge catch up to the top. Then and only then do you have the ultimate scenario.

You can speak to almost any employer and they will tell you, regardless of the profession, that the employee was a lot more enthusiastic the first month or two on the job then the current state. Just another important tip from yours truly,

“The Specialist”


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