Creating A Sales Team…Part 2 Of a 3 Part Series

May 23, 2007

Hi everybody,

It’s time for part two of creating a sales team.

Remember where we left off. You have one or two persons that have just started selling and you are in the weeding out process. I think I told you yesterday not to get excited because you haven’t built anything yet! That’s exactly what I mean.

Part 2 is critical because you now potentially have a nucleus to build around. What you do next is going to determine whether you have to start all over again. One of the most important things you have to be aware of is that this IS NOT the time to let up! Quite the contrary, this is the time to put forth more effort in training your people that are selling and quickly trying to get them to be self efficient as soon as possible. It is also imperative that you begin showing them the BIG picture. Once a person has accomplished, I don’t mean “become accomplished”, in making a couple of sales you must show them the bigger picture of where their success is going to take them.

Remember, in my earlier posts I talked about reading your people and finding out what motivates them, well this is one of the times that your read really counts. For example, I might focus with one person on the opportunity for management while another person is strictly motivated by money. While all this is going on I am continuing to sell and show the older and newer people how it is done. All the while I am constantly selling the job and the company and their opportunity. The secret of success to all of this is you MUST deliver!

You not only have to teach, you have to have enough knowledge to have SOMETHING to teach! It sounds like a lot of work, and it is, but you can really eliminate a lot of duplication by doing it right the first time. I also involve the people who can sell in teaching their newer counterparts. Not only does it save me some time but it also gives me insight into which person has leadership skills or unique teaching skills. These characteristics will play a very important role as we continue to Create A Sales Team.

Tomorrow…layering and polishing.

“The Specialist”


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