Management Training…The Little Things

May 16, 2007

Hello kind readers,

Before I start tonight’s post I want to remind everyone that the biggest thing to be unveiled on this blog is coming very soon. I can barely contain myself without giving some clues. I can’t do it.

Be on the lookout it is coming SOON!

Now to the post. I saw an unbelievable thing in the last two months that reminded me of my past, yet 40 years later it still applies. It kinda shows that even though times change people basically stay the same. There was a company that I have a great relationship with and I watch as they have their monthly sales contests. The top three people in the country win prizes varying from money to 32″ plasma televisions. Without fail the last two winners, after receiving their cash prizes, also received a certificate relating to the level of excellence they had accomplished. I had an opportunity to meet with each one of these winners and to the person they never mentioned the money, which was substantial. All they wanted to tell me about was the certificate! This 8’x11′ framable certificate. All they could tell me was how important it was and how much it meant to them.

They proceeded to tell me they had never received anything like that since graduating from high school. Each person was going to get a special frame and hang it up in their room. To them it was validation of their accomplishment!

If more managers took note of what I am saying they will find that it is indeed the little things that mean the most to your young staff. Everything their parents and friends have told them they could not accomplish, with one certificate they are vindicated. That’s POWERFUL!

The money can be spent and then it is gone forever. The certificate hanging up in their room is a constant reminder of their success! What I am trying to tell all young and old managers is that forget about yourself…you may be jaded and only working for the money, the young people in your care need “THE LITTLE THINGS”

“The Specialist”


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