An Ounce Of Silence…

May 15, 2007

Hi everybody,

It’s that time again.

Tonight I want to talk about “An Ounce Of Silence is worth A Pound of Explanation”! To often in sales you will see the young and experienced sales person talk themselves OUT OF THE SALE! The reason being is that when you are finished with your presentation you have to STOP talking and give the prospect time to digest what you have said. The sales persons that continue talking more times than not talk themselves out of the deal. When I am done with my presentation or just done with everything I had to say, it’s time to relax and see if what you said registered.

It is amazing to watch a true professional finish his presentation and just kick back and watch the prospect talk himself or herself into the sale. The worst that can happen if you button up is that the prospect may start to say something negative and you have plenty of time to counter with positive reinforcement. On the other hand if you don’t stop talking the prospect never gets to air his or her views and you might just miss the KEY to the sale. Sometimes I have sat for a full 2 to 3 minutes without saying a word. Is it unnerving? YOU BET! Is it effective? YOU BET!

Just remember, when you get to that critical part of the sale, “An Ounce Of Silence Is Worth A Pound Of Explanation”! Just a passing thought. I have run into several people that read this blog religiously and they continue to amaze me. When they are introduced to me they tell me almost with disbelief that the things in the blog that they have used actually WORK! Imagine that!

“The Specialist”


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