“How Come?” In Sales/Management

May 13, 2007

Hi everybody,

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother’s Day! I hope you didn’t forget to call your moms.

Tonight I have another interesting post.

As usual I had the great opportunity to observe some young and experienced sales persons. I noticed that at the end of the presentations when the prospects gave replies like…well, not today, or let me think about it, the sales persons just agreed with the prospect and shook their hand and went about their business with the next potential client.

I posed to one of these sales persons a “what if”. What if you had asked a girl for a date and she said not today, or let me think about it. Before I could get the words out it was unaminous that they would have immediately asked HOW COME? or at least WHY? The light bulb went off. They realized that it is no different in business. If someone tells you they want to think about it you owe not only yourself but especially the customer the courtesy of at least asking WHY!

You would be amazed how many orders are written just because you were talking to fast or the client was day dreaming and missed the key part. By simply asking “why” you will get amazing answers that enable you to close the sale. For example, lets say you asked the girl for a date and she said no, or I need to think about it. You asked WHY and she tells you that her friends told her you were married. Being single you can see how by just explaining this to her you may have a chance for that coveted date.

It works the same in business. Maybe the prospect said not today because he misinterpreted what you said and thought a large down payment was required. A simple explanation is all that is required to write that sale. “The Specialist” always gives the prospect one chance to explain himself or herself. I act so confused or dismayed by any negative response it only makes sense to ask Why?

So remember, when you ask for the order and the prospect gives you a response other than yes you must act stunned and ask WHY or HOW COME? Then and only then do you have a chance to make the sale!

“The Specialist”


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