Sales Tip Of The Day…Signing The Sales Agreement

May 13, 2007

Hi everybody,

It’s Saturday and I have a valuable but brief “Sales Tip of the Day”.

When you are wrapping up the sale and you are going for the signature on the sales agreement, always HAND the pen in a writing position to the potential customer. I have seen so many sales persons go over the sales agreement only to lay the pen down in front of the customer. WRONG!

When you do this it is very easy for the customer to pick up the sales agreement and go through a lengthy review of everything that you have already discussed. Sometimes they NEVER pick up the pen and consummate the deal. When you hand them the pen in a writing position it is only natural for them to write with it. Of course since the sales agreement, as earlier explained in a past post, is only a formality then you should make it as easy as possible for the prospect to complete the FORMALITY!

Very shortly I have a very special announcement to make so stay tuned. It will be the biggest event that has occurred on this blog since it’s inception. SORRY, NO CLUES!

“The Specialist”


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