Sales/Management Training Rewards

May 8, 2007

Hello everybody,

I have to share this with you.

IT’s NOT ALWAYS ABOUT THE MONEY! I was fortunate enough to receive a phone call that woke my wife and I up at four in the morning the other night. You are probably thinking what is wrong with this man. Don’t wake ME up at 4 o’clock in the morning. Well what made the call so special was it was from someone that I only had a chance to work with a very short period of time and this sales professional took the time to thank me for touching his life and helping him achieve success in his new endeavor.

“The Specialist” was quick to remind this young man, (by the way everybody is a young person to me, I’m OLD!) that it was 99% him and maybe 1% “The Specialist”! This is what inspired this post. If you want to be a respected trainer in any industry you have to LOVE what you do. I assure you, the disapointments will out weigh the great moments. However they will never devalue those great moments!

Those little thank you’s mean everything to a teacher. Those little moments of gratitude are what makes the real trainer keep going through all the trials and tribulations. I have dedicated 35 years of my life teaching sales and management and it has never been about the money. Yes there was compensation…but not near enough to equal the amount of effort put in above and beyond the compensation guidelines. There has to be something else. Thank goodness I have been blessed with enough of these great moments to spend a lifetime teaching.

Take note… All of you young trainers, it always seems to go back to the core values of the 8 basics of success. This one is sincerity. I know this particular person reads my blog so I want to give him special props for that late night phone call. Keep up the good work , and you can call anytime!

“The Specialist”


One Response to “Sales/Management Training Rewards”

  1. Mrs. T Says:

    I just wanted to let u know, that i have been following all ur blogs and learned a tremendous amount and i try to use it in my everyday life i just wanted to say thank you, I hope to one day train under you, keep ’em coming!

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