Bonus Tip Of The Day…Sales Training

May 7, 2007

Hi everybody,

I hope you had a great weekend!

This Bonus Tip of the day is very IMPORTANT. I see young and old sales professionals, constantly at the paperwork, lose all the hard work they have done in the presentation of the product by all of a sudden turning into an interrogator or a business person. The sales person has just spent “X” number of time building a relationship with the customer either through sincerity, humor, integrity, etc. or all of the above only to throw it all away at the paperwork. The paperwork HAS to be a formality! You have to be so nonchanlant that the customer feels no difference in the atmosphere then he did when you presented the product. You almost have to do the paperwork as if you are bored.

You see, the customer has adopted your mood throughout the presentation, so you do not want to do anything at this critical junction to change his mood. Certainly you do not want him to become more attentive to detail because you have made the paperwork so important! When you are showing the customer everything he or she is receiving, of course you want to build that up because it is your last chance to sell your product, but following that you want to almost turn the rest into a mere formality. A lot of that has to do with your voice inflection and your facial expressions along with your body language. Once again it is a practiced art.

People that have watched me can’t believe the transformation when it gets time to go over the money part and get the prospect to okay the contract. In fact, one way you will be able to grade your progress is to watch how many people read your paperwork. No one has read my paperwork in the past 20 some years, after all what’s there to read…it’s just a formality.

By the way don’t forget Mother’s Day! That day has always had a special place in my heart . Remember we only have one mom. I referred you to a great website the other day…Cat’s Pajamas Gift Baskets. “The Specialist” stands behind it! Talk to you tomorrow.

“The Specialist”


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