Dealing With “Mr. Indispensable”

May 2, 2007

Oh what a subject!

I could tell you a million stories about the people I have come in contact with that consider themselves indispensable. What a mistake!

The reason I have chosen this subject for tonight’s post is I have encountered 2, that’s right… 2, of these misguided people in the last month! Can you believe it? I want young and intermediate managers to learn how to protect themselves from these frauds. That’s right, I called them frauds because they are selfish and uncaring people that have no concept of TEAM!

“The Specialist”, long before being recognized in the sales profession, had to face this problem as I built sales organizations. I had a lot of trouble and most of the times in the early years dealt with it miserably! I, like so many young managers, even seasoned managers, see the amount of volume these people generate and are afraid to stick to their core values because they don’t want to lose the volume.

I will guarantee you this…Once you have one of these people in your organization it takes a very seasoned and cool headed manager to understand that the loss of volume is only TEMPORARY in the overall scheme of things. In fact, eliminating this problem as soon as it rears it’s ugly head will actually transfer into much larger profits in the long run, not to mention a much more invigorated staff! Not to mention the many diamonds in the rough (that you as a manager will discover within your staff) that have been smothered by this selfish, inconsiderate individual.

Even to this day, after I have to eliminate one of these kinds of people I still spend time to reflect with nervous energy hoping I made the right decision. Even if it takes TWO people to replace the volume I guarantee you it will be worth it. As soon as the volume returns and I have a fluid, cohesive staff I see the wisdom in my decision.

You will have to trust “The Specialist” on this one and take the plunge for a much happier staff and the great feeling that you are not held hostage to anyone except your own core values!

“The Specialist”


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