Sales and Management Trainers

May 1, 2007

Hello gracious readers,

I had the pleasure of meeting with a young sales/trainer/manager today and this particular person is the inspiration for this post.

She was telling me how she wanted to be a great trainer and how it excited her to work on and help develop people’s strengths. I was initially caught off guard with this statement as I realized how far this young lady really had to go to reach her goals. That one statement she made spoke volumes! I explained to her that a real trainer specializes in working on and developing people’s WEAKNESSES!

Anybody can work on some one’s strengths. It takes a lot of patience and skill to develop some one’s weaknesses. Picture this, If you have one strong arm and one weak arm the optimum situation would be to bring the weak arm up to the ability of the strong arm. If you just continue to work on the strong arm you will have one lopsided person.

I also explained to her that what separates good trainers from average or poor trainers is not only the ability to teach what you want the person to learn, but in a layman’s viewpoint explain WHY!

Show them how to do it, role play with them, observe them and by all means explain to them WHY it works and the physiology behind it. Let them know in advance what will happen when you do it this way opposed to another way. That is one of the biggest missing links about teachers on the whole. They don’t explain their position and explain in layman’s terms the consequences for doing it one way opposed to another. Now while all that is going on you have to have fun with your training and make them enjoy learning.

Now mastering all of this is no easy chore, but it is obtainable for those with a passion for helping others.

“The Specialist”


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