Age Factors in Sales/Management Training – Part 2 of 5

April 27, 2007

Hi everybody,

Yesterday we talked about the wonder of youth and the experiences of age. Tonight we are going to elaborate a little more dwelling on the motivation factors of these two wonderful groups of sales professionals.

“The Specialist” has found that the reason that a young person wants in on the sales profession is quite different than his or her older counter part. The young person is a great deal of the time looking for validation that he or she cannot find in routine jobs. They love the excitement, the contests, the fun but most of all they like the actual part of being part of a team that is motivated to be all for one…almost like belonging to a club if you will. The idea of the big money that lures many into sales is not a major factor to the young person and I am not sure that they believe it anyway. They want their job to be fun and they love the excitement of possibly winning trips and awards that give their life validation.

On the other hand the older sales professional is almost 100% money motivated. They have been to the dance. They think they have seen it all. They just want to get paid and work for a company that is not going out of business, steal from them, change the deal or short change their check.

Now, to both scenarios there are exceptions. Without changing the subject, the ultimate trainer’s dream is to run into the older salesperson that is motivated by the young person’s motivation and their own! If you think logically, you can see why the young person is the way they are and the older salesperson the way they are. Most young people really do not have overwhelming overhead and can make ends meet with very little income. The older person probably has a giant nut and HAS to make a certain amount of money just to keep the family going.

Boy was it great to be young! I understand both situations and both motivations but as usual you the reader will have the final say. I can’t wait to hear your opinions.

By the way don’t forget, the new web site will be unveiled soon, so be ready to get your “Specialist gear. It’s the best “Specialist” gear out there. I also cannot wait to hear from you on our new tele-seminars. Talk to you tomorrow.

“The Specialist”


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