The WORST Small Talk Story

April 25, 2007

Hi everybody,

I had to share this with you.

Before I do that I want everyone of my loyal readers to be on the lookout for Major changes in the site in the next two weeks. Not only have we made the site more user- friendly but we will now, by popular demand, offer services like tele-conferencing, personal coaching, and available speaking engagements for your Companies or special clubs or groups.

What I really like the most is the new “The Specialist” GEAR! Mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, bumper stickers as well as ball caps. Be on the lookout for the changes. Now back to the post for tonight.

I had to share this with you. We have talked about small talk before. We have even gone into the purpose of it and certain techniques that make it most effective. Well, recently a young man was having trouble with his small talk. He just couldn’t break the ice with the families. He was a door to door salesman. Having crossed paths a couple of years ago this young man had no problem asking “The Specialist” for some help.

At first I thought he just wanted some advice, instead he asked if I would accompany him in the field and observe him in the field and see what I thought he was doing wrong. No problem for “The Specialist”. In fact I thought it was my duty. I never could have expected what I saw! You know how I tell you to kinda look around the business or home and find something you know something about that you would feel comfortable talking about or at least giving a sincere nice compliment about something you saw. Well this is the WORST small talk story of all time.

We were knocking on doors in this apartment complex when we approached this door that was wide open and almost completely melted! As we glanced inside the apartment everything was charcoal burnt from an apparent fire. There was NOTHING left in the place that wasn’t burnt to a crisp. It was horrible. The only thing left standing was a partially melted floor lamp with the shade hanging on the side by one or two threads and completely charcoal black from the apparent fire. I started to leave and the young salesperson knocked on the door. I was already ready to leave when a haggard worn out horribly depressed man came to the door and said come in.

Kind readers, what came out of this young sales persons mouth I will probably never forget! He walks in and introduces us and then glances around the ruins of this man’s house and says and I quote…WOW, I love your lamp! I almost fell to the floor. The poor man had nothing left but a melted floor lamp and the lamp shade holding on by a thread and that’s what he said! I apologized and took the young man outside. Not only had he forgot one of the most important of the 8 Basics…SINCERITY, but he didn’t have an ounce of compassion in him and at least ask the man if everyone was okay and was there anything he could do. I was blown away! I asked this young man what was he thinking? His reply was that he was taught to always find something in the home to compliment the customer on. A melted floor lamp? And he was wondering why he was having trouble in his small talk? I thought I had seen everything!

No matter what you learn in sales you MUST apply some common sense! I guess the moral of this post is that no matter how good you are in sales you will never be great until you incorporate SINCERITY into your profession! I just had to share this story with you.

“The Specialist”


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