Ethics and Morals in Management

April 22, 2007

Hi everybody,

What a beautiful day today. I have a couple of interesting things to go over tonight. One is actually a question I omitted from Open Forum on Saturday.

The poor person asked me for help because he or she had been working 6 days a week 8 to 10 hours a day for 2 months and had only gotten ONE sale!! This directly relates to Ethics and Morals in Management!

Before I go there, in regards to helping this person I need a lot more information, like what are you selling? Where are you selling? How much is the product you are selling? I believe I can…I take that back. I GUARANTEE I can change your fortune IF I get a chance to speak with you.

Now lets get to the Ethics and Moral issues. First off I don’t want to crush anyone, having said that I find it inexcusable that any management team would allow any sales person to work for two months without making it happen for them!! It is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to go two months with one sale if there is any kind of decent training program! I personally have trained heroin addicts, people with speach impediments just to mention a couple, and they have all had much better results! Keep in mind, I am taking you at your word in regards to your work habits.

If you WERE the one in a million person that just cannot do this type of work…by the way I have never met one of those kinds of people in 40 years. Your employer at the least had the Ethical and Moral obligation to talk to you about career choices! In other words before you physically and financially starve to death it was your employer’s obligation to tell you that perhaps the position was not for you. I personally would never agree with that assessment. Anyone and everyone can be trained to become a sales professional. Now whether or not one chooses to pursue that line of work is strictly up to the individual. Remember, anything the mind can conceive and believe, IT CAN ACHIEVE!! You must surround yourself with the right situation. Putting yourself where the training program is equal, if not better than your effort. Please contact me, I will be glad to help.

On to the next subject. Never mind, let’s leave the next subject for tomorrow. I think I will be much more open and my mind will be clear once I have at least heard from this person and am able to help. Thanks.

“The Specialist”


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