Open Forum… Questions and Answers

April 21, 2007

Hi everybody,

It is question and answer day and N-Lo had a sad question that I would like to address.

N-Lo states that the company she works with is shutting down her store and has offered her an opportunity to relocate, which she is unable to take advantage of.

Well N-Lo you have been responding on this blog for a long time and you certainly asked some great questions over this period. Unfortunately there is really nothing you can do with the company you are with since you can’t relocate. If I were you I would be very flattered that they thought highly enough about you to make this offer. I am sure your teammates did not receive the same invitation. You should use this powerful fact as a springboard for your future endeavors. My gosh when your next employer finds out that your previous employer thought that highly of you it will most certainly increase your market value.

I would also take every thing they taught you and apply them with great enthusiasm at your next job. I am glad to hear that you are going to continue to read the blog and as always I want to keep up with your progress. Remember when one door shuts another one opens. The only difference between a successful person and one that is not is the successful person is ready when opportunity knocks! That’s all for tonight everybody.

“The Specialist”


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