Termination With Romance in Management

April 20, 2007

Hi everybody,

I have a good one for you tonight.

Terminating someone is usually never pleasant. However, it is a necessary evil in all professions. Personally I would rather develop someone than terminate them. Anyone can fire someone…Not everyone can develop someone. Regardless if someone quits or is terminated, there will always be spin control.

For example, An employer can be kinda hoping someone quits so they don’t have to fire them. On the other hand, there are employees that know they are about to be fired so they quit just to save face. The point of tonight’s post is, regardless of your viewpoint, as the employer you are being graded by your existing employees on how gracefully you handle the situation, regardless of the spin.

Under no circumstances does it benefit you as the employer to bash the employee that is no longer there. In fact it can cause you great harm to talk bad about the departed employee regardless of what they have to say about you. All eyes are watching how you handle the situation. If you bad-mouth the departed employee all other employees know when they leave you will probably say something bad about them. Not good for your image as a fair employer.

Learn to romance the termination.

What I try and do is not discuss the subject at all. If I am backed into a corner I usually try and say something nice about the person even if we departed on not so good terms. Future employees will know at least you will give them a fair shake if they leave. By saying nothing or at least something nice about the departed employee when the ex-employee bad-mouths you people will put two and two together and realize that whenever you point your finger at someone else 3 more fingers are pointed directly at yourself.

Sometimes it’s hard, but well worth it and really nothing is gained by speaking ill of someone that is no longer around.

“The Specialist”


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