April 18, 2007

Hello gracious readers,

Tonight I would like to talk about the TERMINOLOGY that we use in our relationships with our customers.

So often I see young inexperienced salespersons destroy a sale by using terminology that the customer doesn’t understand. When a young sales person does that it’s usually because they want to impress the customer or his or her co-workers. When an experienced sales person does this it is usually done with complete disdain for the prospect or the outcome of the sale.

The young person can be taught the importance of learning to talk on the level of the prospect. It is imperative to realize you must fight the urge to try and impress your prospect by talking OVER their heads. The prospect will be a lot more impressed with your sincerity…Oh, by the way in case you missed an earlier post SINCERITY is one of the 8 Basics of Success!

Try and relate this to a subject you know little or nothing about and having someone using professional terms to discuss this subject with you. Just because you know a tremendous amount about a particular product or subject I assure you the prospect really isn’t interested. Remember the most important thing in a sale is relationships not facts!

“The Specialist”


One Response to “Terminology”

  1. N-Lo Says:

    Dear Specialist,
    I feel it is the end of an era. Due to our lack of sales my store is closing. This did not come as a shock to me, however the amount of time we have left is very little. We’re looking at about two weeks. I am devastated. My company has offered to relocate me anywhere I want to go so that I will stay with them, unfortunately being a single mom I don’t think I can just up and leave. I would however like to leave with my dignity in tact so I will do my best to keep up the moral of my team. How do I move on? I love my job. I love this company. We were told not even to sell anymore, but just kinda “hang out” till it’s over. I’ve been asked to pack everything up and ship it. Oooooohh the disappointment. I remain calm in front of others but when no one is looking I cry. I will continue to read your blog as it pertains not only to business, but also to life. Thank you for all you’ve done and said to me personally. I appreciate the time you invested. Sincerely, N-Lo

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