Persistence Beats Resistance in Sales

April 17, 2007

Hello again Kind Readers,

Tonight we are going to talk about something everyone has heard of but of course from a different angle. “Persistence Beats Resistance”.

Most times when you hear that quote one thinks about never giving up on a sales call, or not taking NO for an answer. I want to talk about that phrase from the angle of your work ethics! So many people in our great profession quit or give up if the day is not going according to plan. I usually work on the basis of a regular work day opposed to working for a sale. This unique way of working in the sales profession has enabled me to learn to discipline myself and use persistence to resist the temptations that are out there to impede me from reaching my goals.

What I am trying to convey is that developing tremendous work habits takes tremendous persistence! It works the opposite way as well…Lets say your day exceeded your expectations in the first hour, again the path of least resistance is to say, oh, I’ve had a great day and go play golf. Again you have to remember that “Persistence Beats Resistance”! In the long run if you will focus on this you will develop tremendous work ethics and your sales will skyrocket! Every minute you spend in the field whether you realize it or not you are sharping your skills in one way or the other.

Who is the benefactor? You are! Remember “Persistence Beats Resistance”

“The Specialist”


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