The Invasion of Management

April 16, 2007

Hello kind readers,

Tonight I have a post that is designed especially for advanced managers.

This subject pertains to the traveling team that invades offices or businesses that are not living up to expectations. The dreaded moment when corporate sends in their team of so called experts to FIX the problems. I have repeatedly seen these so called teams of experts come into locations only to leave it worse then it was when they arrived.

I was visiting with the leader of one of these so called teams recently and was appalled by his planned course of action. After quite a bit of discussion the leader asked “The Specialist” for some tips. First let me tell you his opening strategy. He proudly went on to inform me that since no one knew his appearance he was going to hide and hang around and find out all the mistakes they were making and then inform them it was going to be his way or the highway. He spoke very confidently.

The obvious problem that “The Specialist” has with this right off the bat is that I prefer to catch people doing things RIGHT! What I recommended to him was perhaps he should take another approach…for example, why not positively introduce himself, let everyone know there was a clean slate and establish a great relationship with everyone. I suggested that after everyone trusted him and realized that he was not a hatchet man, they would feel more comfortable. Then as the first few days progressed he could gradually slide in his changes. Instead of being afraid of massive change, the employees would be much more receptive to change.

I have done this countless times, in fact I even take it further and meet with the individual employees and let them know that I was there to advance their career and if there was anything I could do to help them I would be glad to. This approach works wonders, and the results are staggering! Instead of blowing everybody out and having to build from scratch, you have done what was expected of you and that was FIX the problems.

You in fact have endeared people to you and dispelled the notion of being an INVADER!

“The Specialist”


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