April 13, 2007

Hi everybody,

It is 3 o’clock in the morning and I am fuming!

It drives me crazy when someone takes the knowledge I pass on to them and then tells me…You know that trick you told me about…It really works!

When a Doctor discovers a new way to cure cancer is it a trick? No! This is a profession! Those people that say those kinds of things are the exact people that I have spent 40 years trying to drive out of our great industry.

The things that I am passing on to you are techniques. Only if used in a bad way with bad intent do they become tricks! Anyone that has read this blog should know by now that I will not associate myself with people that want to try and taint our great industry with this kind of “con man” mentality.

Once again..”So a man Thinketh, he Becometh”. Take pride in our industry and be caretakers for the future!

“The Specialist”


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