Advanced Management Psychology

April 12, 2007

Hi everybody,

In a past post I was discussing Nurturing young managers. Today I want to relate closing a sale to closing an employee.

People have often asked me how I retain employees for so long? One important way is to KEEP CLOSING. How many of you breathe a sigh of relief when someone becomes a manager? You know the feeling of relief when you don’t have to be around so much. I am always trying to find a way to build the confidence and self esteem of my employees and do not hesitate to give a compliment. Too many employers try to sneak away from the business and the only real quality time they spend with their employees is when they are doing something wrong.

Just as you are continually closing the sales prospect you MUST also continually close the employee!

You are probably curious as to how ? Sell them on the opportunity of your company! The growth of your company certainly is a great selling point. You may also close them on the increased pay that awaits them for a great performance. If you want longevity with your employees, KEEP CLOSING!! Remember you are aspiring to become a true professional salesperson/manager. A real professional manager always has his hand on his employee’s pulse. If you don’t compliment them, or help build their self-esteem, if you don’t recognize your employees and give them tons of positive reinforcement, SOMEONE ELSE will!

That short time you got a breather from doing everything will turn out to be exactly that…a SHORT TIME BREATHER, and you will be back doing everything yourself!

“The Specialist”


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