Being Yourself in Sales

April 11, 2007

Guess what, it’s me again!

I had the great opportunity to observe a young salesperson today for about an hour. You probably wonder if I ever work, I’m always telling you about people I get to watch, or share time with or even meet with and exchange ideas. The truth is people invite me to observe their performances “live”, hoping for some nuggets of information I can share with them. I am happy to report “The Specialist” never disappoints!

As I was watching this young lady I saw someone that was nothing like the person I knew! She transformed herself from this pretty self-assured giant ray of sunshine into “A DREADED SALESPERSON” Stop it! All of your friends and family members liked and loved you for who you ARE! Just because you become a sales person doesn’t mean you put on a cape and a mask and become someone you are not!

The great thing about being a true sales professional is the ability to BE YOURSELF!!! I have seen countless men and women transform right before my very eyes as they think they have to assume the persona of a salesperson. By the way what actually is that persona? After witnessing countless makeovers it apparently isn’t a very good one.

Think of it this way…If you have gone through life with family, friends and most strangers liking you, why would you change for a job? The greatest thing I enjoy about the sales profession is that I CAN be MYSELF and meet a lot of nice people. What a great profession! Believe me when I say this, your prospect will be able to see and feel right through you when you are not BEING YOURSELF!!!

“The Specialist”


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