Penmanship in Sales…Say What?

April 10, 2007

Hi everybody,

I have a very unique post tonight.

How does “penmanship” affect your sales? In a short answer, GREATLY!

Most salespersons have no idea how important penmanship is in completing the sale. As most professional salespersons know, a sale is not completed until the order is financed and the consumer has taken possession of the merchandise. Here is where the problem lies. The sales person that has horrible penmanship does not get his or her orders worked by the finance company because they can’t READ the INFORMATION!

I personally have gone to banks and finance companies and they have shown me boxes of applications not worked because they cannot read the information. More importantly the people working the orders will show favoritism towards the neat person’s orders (right or wrong) because, due to the neatness of the penmanship it creates a path of least resistance.

Picture this…you have one digit that is not clear on the application, the person working your order dials what he thinks is the right number…but now the number is disconnected. You lose the order or at best it gets put in the delayed file until they can get to it later. They already have assumed it’s NO GOOD!

As a sales professional your job is not limited or finished when the prospect signs the contract. You are obligated to see it through to completion and make every one’s job up the ladder as easy as possible. I have seen many good salesperson’s pay held up and some orders rejected completely because of penmanship. Imagine having to call the customer up and having to do the application over or ask for some of the information again. Now you are really risking tha the prospect might realize he or she has a second chance. The results may not be the same!

Remember what I have said before. “The Specialist” takes NO chances. There is nothing left for chance by a real professional salesperson!

“The Specialist”


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