Open Forum…Questions and Answers

April 7, 2007

Hi everybody,

It’s that time again.

I’m sure my loyal readers saw yesterday’s tirade.

Sorry, but I had just about enough with the imposters! Now I have a question that a reader wanted to know the answer to. It was a good question. How can or should you use religion in sales? First off I have a problem USING religion as a tool in anything, much less sales. I have often been asked about my faith by a customer and proudly answer that I am a Christian without going any further. Religion, sex and politics are three subjects that are just not discussed in sales. Before you know what happened the sale is lost. However I have no problem letting a fellow Christian know that I also am a Christian. That is where I try to end it. I have seen some sales persons saying Amen after every comment someone makes. I strongly do not recommend that. In the eyes of “The Specialist” your faith is something deeply personal and should not be forced on unsuspecting customers. Remember, they just came to buy something. It is nice that you are proud of your faith, however there is a time and a place for everything.

Sometimes I feel like the “Dr. Phil” of sales.

This next reader has a friend that is ok in sales but apparently is horrible in social settings. He wants to help his friend. Ironically I know someone just like that. The problem with this person is that he wants attention so badly, he lies and exaggerates everything to the point of absurdity. This person also gives credit to no one and is all about himself. All I can advise this young person to do is stop thinking about himself so much and invest his time making deposits in other people’s lives. See how many people each day you can make feel better about themselves. Then shut up about it and make another deposit in someone else’s life. I will guarantee you one thing for certain…If you start making deposits in other people’s lives on a daily basis you will be amazed how big your own account will grow.

Happy Easter!

“The Specialist”


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