“The Impostor”

April 6, 2007

I’ve had it!

Recently I have been doing some interview work for a major corporation and I have been exposed to more “Pretend Sales persons” than I have ever seen! Does anybody out there know what being a REAL salesperson entails? My goodness, people think that because they are handed a lead and told exactly where to go and have a customer waiting for them with their tongue hanging out because that’s where they get their supplies that they are a great salesperson. That’s like saying the mailman is a great salesman! News flash, he’s the only option! When you are the only option for someone, or your audience is held captive on a boat, or is trapped and can’t go anywhere, or is obligated to give you “x” number of minutes because you have an appointment with them does not make you a great salesperson!

As all truly great sales professionals know, you have to know how to PROSPECT. HELLO! A great sales professional is 100% self contained! I have just witnessed alleged sales persons one after another tell me how they were the greatest sales persons on this planet only to find out they are sales CRIPPLES! Without a captive audience or a LEAD to go to they are frightened PRETENDERS!

A true professional salesperson is a lot more than a “Story Teller”. Let’s not confuse the two. It is almost laughable to me as I watch these pretenders crumble one after the other when they say “you want me to go in there without them knowing who I am”? HELLO, YES I do! That is what a true professional salesperson is expected to do. Believe it or not a true professional can actually PROSPECT and TELL a GREAT STORY!!

For all you young potential great sales persons don’t fall for a job that is going to cripple you for life! You see if you do not know how to prospect your success is always going to be limited to how many leads someone can generate for you. Think about it, you are forever at the mercy of the people giving you your leads. They control your income and eventually your lifestyle!

One of the great things about the sales profession is the freedom to make as much as YOU want. When you are crippled by leads that are doled out to you someone else is controlling your income! Don’t fall for it. Not only are they controlling your income, but they can put you out of business any time they want by cutting off your lead supply. Not to mention they weaken your sales ability by making you dependent on the very lead for you and your family’s very existence. Hogwash, take control of your own destiny and become a master prospector AND a great story teller. Then and only then can you have the peace of mind of a great professional salesperson! That’s my take and I’m sticking to it!

“The Specialist”


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