Work Force Lesson

April 5, 2007

Hi everybody,

I have run across this situation in a number of work forces around the country.

It seems like in a lot of work forces there is a tremendous amount of gossip and backbiting. In order to build a cohesive work force one of the most important things to address is GOSSIP and INFIGHTING. The way I see it is if you cannot say something nice about the people or persons you work with you should find another place to work. In any organization

I am involved with I eliminate that problem immediately. It is a cancer to any operation and will completely destroy your operation. I teach all the people in my organization what I learned as a Rotarian. It is called the 4 way test!

First, you must ask yourself, Is It True? If you haven’t heard all sides of the story how do you know whether it’s true or not? Second, Is It Necessary? By you repeating the story that may be true or not is it really necessary to talk about? Third, Is It Fair? If you are repeating something that you are not sure is true or not, (even if it is true), if the other party is not present to defend themselves, is it necessary to spread the story? Fourth and finally, will It Build Goodwill and Better Friendships?

If you check what you are about to say with the 4 way test I assure you 90% of all the gossip in your organization will disappear! I was recently meeting with a manager and her crew when in front of her 3 new people she proceeded to excitedly tell me about this security guard that was a murderer. She repeated a story that she heard without any regard to the truth. She did not know whether it was true or not. My gosh, the person had not even been to court yet! Since know one knew this security guard it was really not necessary to repeat this garbage. It certainly was not fair to him or his family, and I assure you if the security guard heard her say this it certainly will not build good will and better friendships! It FAILED the 4 way test!

When this becomes a habit in your life your sales and management skills will greatly improve because YOUR character will improve! Not only will your prospects sense this about you but so will your STAFF! When one is selling themselves to a prospect or as a leader part of the closing process is sincerity, (one of the 8 basics). In order for the prospect to believe in you they must TRUST you! If I have someone on my staff that after several reminders about the damage that gossip does and continues to repeat or say things about people that do not pass the 4 way test it is obvious to me they have an agenda and it is not something that I will allow my organization to go through.

“The Specialist”


One Response to “Work Force Lesson”

  1. H.B.K. Says:

    well said sir. This is the second time I have heard that said. the first was my employer, not my boss heh…, this is a man that commands great respect. He has taught me a great deal about myself and sales and I still have a great deal to learn. I want to thank him for this here because he showed me all this. Now my question is… Is there a proper way to use religion in sales? and i ask just because i wanted to ask a complicated question.

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