Nurturing Young Managers

April 4, 2007

Hi everybody,

What we are going to talk about is nurturing young managers.

A common mistake made by small and large businesses is the inability to nurture young managers. This is for advanced managers. When in any business we stumble on that self starter that excels in our business, we have a tendency to think automatically think they can become a good manager. What most of us forget is the amount of time and training we invested in developing their expertise to the point in which they have achieved above average results. Doesn’t it stand to reason that an equal amount of time should also be invested in their new position of management?

Think about it…What was the new employee like when you first hired them? They more than likely knew little or nothing about your profession. When that person is promoted into management, you MUST flash back in your memory and realize even though you are familiar with this person, once again they are brand new in THIS part of your profession which is management. So many corporations make this critical mistake and the end result is, for no fault of the employee, they fail to live up to the expectations and feel like a failure for letting their employer down. Worst, the employer gets frustrated and believes the employee just isn’t cut out for management.

The corporations need to realize that the cost of starting completely from scratch with a new employee is staggering, not to mention the amount of great talent that slips through their grasp.

The golden rule for people in a position of authority is to remember how long it took them to become where they are? More importantly, how many people and how much training did it take for them to reach that plateau? Before you advanced managers pass judgment on other people’s management potential, ask yourself, how much time have I invested in their management training?

“The Specialist”


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