A Great Story on Outlook

April 3, 2007

Hi everybody,

I have a great story to share with you this evening.

A keynote speaker was asked to speak at a real estate convention in Pittsburgh, Pa. during the time of the closing down of the steel mill industry in Pittsburgh. The outlook was bleak as almost everyone had lost their job. When this gentleman arrived at the convention he found a completely negative group of agents that were just completely devastated.

When he was getting ready to seat himself, he was worried about sitting around all those negative people. All of a sudden this very cheerful lady invited him to sit next to her. Unlike everyone else she was extremely cheerful. The keynote speaker, taken aback asked the nice lady why she was so happy and cheerful when everyone else was complaining about no sales because no one had jobs. She went on to tell him that in all the years she had been selling real estate she was having her biggest year ever. Wondering out loud the speaker asked how that could possibly be when no one had jobs.

The cheerful lady went on to tell him that in all her years of selling, it was the first time all the husbands WERE HOME! They couldn’t use the excuse that they had to work! She had turned a potential negative and turned it into a positive by seeing the entire picture, not the obvious one that everyone else was focused on. Needless to say the keynote speaker changed his planned speech and used her story to elevate the crowd into another dimension. This applies to all of you when you by into excuses for failure. When one door closes there is always another one that opens. You just have to SEE IT.

A lot of those families had lifetime savings tucked away but never had the time to purchase a home. Now because of one lady that had positive thinking, they not only had the time but also had the money, and ended up with their dream home! Analyze this post and see how it applies to your business! THEN APPLY IT!

“The Specialist”


One Response to “A Great Story on Outlook”

  1. N-Lo Says:

    I really love this story. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on the prospects that ARE here when all everyone talks about is the prospects that ARE NOT here. This story will help me to not let even one person walk by my business without being greeted and smiled at….and possibly sold!!! And to take advantage of the circumstances as they are and turn it around to benifit me and my company.
    Thanks, N-Lo

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