April 2, 2007

Hi everybody,

It has been an interesting day.

I watched a young man learning how to give a presentation in his chosen field of sales and what struck me was what inspired this post. Rather than talk about the two types of commitments, verbal and non-verbal commitments, I prefer to discuss the verbal strength in commitments.

Too many times new sales persons are very meek in their pursuit of the commitments. A commitment should always be asked in a statement form. Even though it is most of the time a question, the question has to be in the form of a question/statement. Almost to the point that the prospect would feel almost ridiculous if he didn’t agree. I always come at the prospect from strength. I would rather have a strong NO! than a weak YES!

If you practice getting strong commitments you will find that your orders will be that much stronger. In your social life you would never take a weak commitment from the opposite sex and prepare an elaborate evening. I am sure that you would be in store for many disappointing nights.

Once again, if we apply these philosophies in our social life, why can’t we use them in our professional life? I get strong commitments from my children, employees, as well as co-workers and people I manage. Especially prospects I sell. The prospect is a mirror of yourself. If they see weakness, they will give back weakness, hence your order is just perfect for the winds of change. Try it.

I gave this young man this tip tonight and immediately he saw results! Prior to my visit he had 3 of his last 10 sales change their mind. Someone stronger than himself or the salesperson changed his mind for him because he had NOT been committed strongly to the sale. The order I saw him sell on this night won’t change their mind regardless of what happens. Because of the strength of the sales person’s commitments, the prospect committed that much stronger. Amazing how things work.

“The Specialist”


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