Ethics and Morals in Management

April 1, 2007

Hi everyone,

Tonight we are going to talk about ethics in management.

This is a very broad subject because there is so much ground to cover. I am just going to hit on a couple of things that I hear from prospective employees. These seem to be obstacles that the average person runs into on a daily basis in the work force.

A common complaint from people applying for jobs is that often the employer misleads the person applying for the job, promising things that either do not exist or are just plain lies intended to lure the person to accept the position only to find that after they are employed those benefits or promises really do not exist. I have heard countless stories of a new hire being told a job description only to find out that after they are hired the description of the job changes dramatically, with a lot of extra work or things that are just not appealing.

If these things were told upfront, perhaps the person would not have taken the position. Another great one is the 90 day evaluation period. A lot of employers either never get around to the evaluation or conveniently keep putting it off until they are forced by the employee to do it. Of course the reason for the delay by the employer is to put off any chance of having to give the promised raise if the evaluation is good. I hear about these tactics constantly, and the misguided employers fail to realize the damage they are doing long term to their own company, but also to the image of all companies hiring people.

Companies that allow or participate in these practices are not only immoral but are grossly unethical! It is very important when hiring someone that they have a clear understanding of ALL their responsibilities as well as being reassured that, if and when an evaluation is promised, it takes place. These new hires are really at the employer’s mercy. They have families to feed and I am sure bills to pay. I have found through experience that if you are specific in outlining the responsibilities, as well as how they can expect to advance, you end up with a much happier employee. It is your responsibility to establish that you are a company of your word. If you are on the side of truth and fairness you will find that your staff will go to the wall for you.

In summarizing, it comes down to this…as an employer, SAY WHAT YOU MEAN and MEAN WHAT YOU SAY!

“The Specialist”


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