Rhythm in Sales

March 30, 2007

Hi everybody,

It’s Friday night and as usual I am always in the mix with something to do with sales/management.

What I am about to discuss is only for the very advanced sales professionals. I was watching a salesperson that had a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and excitement in his sales presentation when I couldn’t help but notice something that if corrected would dramatically increase his closing percentage. What this person was doing was talking and moving his hands and body in a very sudden and startling style that almost scared the prospect. What I am referring to is instead of moving and talking in a sudden cadence of starting and stopping, starting and stopping, what is important is to get in a rhythm with your hand motions and voice so they are synchronized and appear very fluid.

Enthusiasm does not come from hand motions. It comes from the excitement in one’s voice and the ability to create excitement with your voice like a fine instrument. When you are giving a presentation and your body and voice are one in the same with fluidity, you can with your voice actually become so good that you can actually mesmerize the prospect. Any sudden jerk of your hands or abnormal dramatics with your voice will actually break the thought pattern you have developed with your prospect because the sudden changes tend to startle them and break the great connection you have with them.

This is a very tough technique to develop because it takes the ability to get your body and voice into a nice soothing, reassuring rhythm. Remember tomorrow is “Open Forum”, so get all of your questions in tonight or first thing in the morning.

“The Specialist”


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