Fatigue Makes Cowards Of Us All

March 27, 2007

Hi everybody,

Some of you will like this post, others not so much.

People have often asked me outside of technique what is the one thing, if I had to pick one, that enabled me to excel in sales for so long the way I have? My overwhelming response has always been the same. Physical and mental conditioning. I found it to be imperative. On a smaller scale I always conditioned myself to make the last presentation of the day my BEST! Why? One, because it took mental and physical toughness to pull that off. When you are tired after a long day it is very easy to give a lazy presentation, AND MISS! Now in order to pull this off you have to work on keeping yourself in shape physically as well as mentally.

There have been a million times in my career I just wanted to go home or dish off the prospect to someone else because I was tired. Hence the heading “Fatigue makes cowards of us all”. Many times during my career that last sale of the evening was the difference between a double, triple, or even a personal record, not to mention the times it resulted in a company record. When you develop this mental and physical toughness you will see yourself separate from the pack as your peers even with more talent don’t know about this important key in being a true professional. It goes back to hard work, but it actually gives you the inside track as to how to channel your hard work.

Remember the statement “Work Smarter not Harder”.

“The Specialist”


2 Responses to “Fatigue Makes Cowards Of Us All”

  1. H.B.K. Says:

    Well I have to say that after reading the last weeks postings, I must say that I learned a great deal from everything you have said over the last two weeks. I know this is a bit early and if i dont get it answered then i will await the answer in the open forum. I only have one question for this week… Is there any major problem with becoming close friends with you co-workers if you are to become an effective manager some day?

  2. Comrade Says:

    I agree mental endurance is important, but you have to have the physical component as well.

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