I’ve Arrived…

March 26, 2007

Hello everybody,

Today’s post is about something very commonplace in our great industry. The “I’ve arrived syndrome”.

It is incredible that when new sales persons enter our industry it is almost without fail that when they accumulate some product knowledge and start to make sales they all of a sudden hit that brick wall and they don’t understand why, but all of a sudden they can’t make a sale. Relax, it’s normal. What happens is that when they start making the sales they forget what helped them get the sales to begin with and think they HAVE IT! They also stop doing all the RIGHT things they WERE doing.

Selling is a never ending education and combination of never ending good work habits. So the new salesperson thinks they have all the knowledge necessary and at the same time stops working as hard as they once did because THEY’RE GOOD! Stop it. Unless you can sell everyone that approaches you, there are many mountains still to climb.

The art of a true Professional Salesperson is the ability to keep his axe sharp by constantly learning regardless of how good he or she perceives themselves. Most importantly, constantly developing good work habits so you can capitalize on your increased skill level. I have seen many people fall into self induced slumps because after a sale they relax and get careless in their presentation and decide after the sale they deserve some time off. Gosh, they can make a sale anytime they want to. They don’t need to work that hard. When you finish a sale that is the time to apply yourself even more and eventually regardless of your results you will learn to always work consistently hard and you will always be striving to learn something new that will enhance your chances with the next prospect. You will be learning one of the hardest lessons in sales, WORK HABITS!

If you are a regular reader of this blog you are one of the few that take your profession seriously. You are definitely headed in the right direction. Keep it up and the future will be yours!

“The Specialist”


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