An Honest Day’s Pay

March 25, 2007


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Today I want to talk about earning an honest living.

Not too long ago a young person reported to work in my friend’s business all exhausted and spent complaining of a headache and other assorted goodies. My friend was beside himself because he could just not reach this person and get them to understand that he expected their best. We sat and talked for a while and I asked him if I could share a story with this young person? Of course he agreed and brought the young person over and introduced us.

I compassionately asked the young person what was wrong and she went on to inform me of her list of ailments. After listening I asked her if she was about 80% of her normal self? She nodded as if to imply it could be worse. I then asked her if maybe 60% to 50% was more like it and she, feeling the compassion in my voice, readily agreed. I then proceeded to ask her how much she made per hour. She informed me she made $8.00 per hour. Well, I then expressed my concern that since she was a person of extreme honesty I know that she would only want me to pay her $4.00 per hour on this day since she admittedly was only up to about 50% of her potential. She got the message and decided that she was feeling better already.

I asked her to excuse herself and come back with the 100% attitude that my friend had originally hired. Especially if she expected him to pay her 100% pay that day. Whether you are a salesperson or manager, always give your employer, your team, but most importantly yourself an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay!

“The Specialist”


One Response to “An Honest Day’s Pay”

  1. N-Lo Says:

    Brilliant!!! That makes so much sense to me. I really like that. And by the way thanks for the advice about the new girl. I think I have been a little streessed and tense and not making it fun enough, but that changed as soon as you told me that. And I know you’re right because when I first started my boss treated me like I could do no wrong in the beginning and there was always a lot of laughter. Now…..not so much. Just kidding. I know now that I have more responsibility and now it’s my job to motivate and excite my team. Thanks again. Keep em coming. Sincerely N-Lo

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