Open Forum…Questions and Answers

March 24, 2007

Hi everybody,

N-LO had a very interesting question this week. She has a new girl starting this week and would like to know how to get this young lady off and running with a good start.

Even though when I talk about management and motivation I constantly emphasize finding out why the employee has chosen your company or, breaking it down even further, why the employee is working for you personally. There is an exception. There is an order to all of this madness.

When a new person starts, your obligation first and foremost is to sell FUN! You must assure them that for the 1st month or so they can do no wrong. As long as they show up on time and do what is asked of them you are happy with their performance. This approach relaxes them and takes away their nervous jitters. It also opens their minds and gives you the golden opportunity to catch them doing lots of little things right. Of course, being the great young manager that you are, you will seize on this and lavish lots of praise on them, making the enviroment very pleasant to be around. Mix this with some fun and you have this young lady enjoying her new job and she is now off and running. There is plenty of time after this to motivate and find out what motivates them.

I hope this was of some help and can’t wait to follow her progress.

“The Specialist”


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