The Handshake

March 21, 2007

Hello all of my kind readers,

Today I am going to discuss something so simple, but so misused that it is mind boggling.

The initial handshake is a very important part of the closing process. Too many men think that a strongman grip is the way to impress the male prospect. WRONG! 1st I will address the men and then the women.

Control starts the minute you meet someone. When I reach out with my hand, it is relaxed and my palm is facing DOWN! NOT SIDEWAYS! In order for the person to shake my hand they have to put their hand under mine. My hand is on top. I am subconsciously the dominant one and I am in CONTROL! Now, in regards to the firmness of the grip, guys, I am not trying to impress the prospect by showing him how strong I am. When the prospect touches my hand I do give a little firm grip but usually I make a fuss about the strength of the prospect. Remember fellows I want him to win. If the prospect wins, I win also!

Now to the ladies. There are two kind of approaches I use with women. If I read the woman to be of the dainty type, I will only reach for her fingers as if I am helping her up or GUYS (don’t take this wrong) as if I am kissing her hand. On the other hand, if I find this woman proud of her athleticism or leaning to the “woman’s rights’s” side of the coin then I give her the same handshake I give a man. The only difference is I REALLY exaggerate the recognition of the strength she possesses. Readers, if you will notice in almost every posting it always comes down to me reading the prospect while I am in motion.

Remember, AGAIN, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Every step of the way in the closing process is about reading the eyes of your prospect.

“The Specialist”


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