Advanced Closing Tip

March 21, 2007

Hi everybody,

I have another good one for you.

This is very simple but very few people in our industry know about it. When I am with an associate and we are working in a close proximity, when I am done writing the sale and the customer is leaving I always turn to the closest associate and just in earshot of the prospect I say something like, “wasn’t he a nice guy”?… Or, aren’t they a cute couple? just loud enough so the customer can’t help but hear my comment.

Remember, you want to be the ultimate closer. Believe it or not the customer IS listening to see if you say something bad about them like “man were they easy” or “I just sold them”. No one likes to think they were sold. They like to think THEY made the decision. So making that nice comment just in earshot is very reassuring to them in believing in your sincerity and them believing they got a great deal. This is very advanced, but very effective and easy for even a beginner to incorporate in their professional arsenal.

“The Specialist”


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