Ethics and Morality in Sales and Management

March 18, 2007

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“So a man thinketh he becometh”. Very important part of sales and management. When I was first growing up in sales the mentors I had were all old timers with horrible habits. When I reflect on how they spoke about their prospects and employees it was easy to understand what destiny had in store for them. It was ugly to witness. Gifted sale persons and managers by the age of 40 totally lost, buried in a great industry they had turned into a living hell!

How did it happen? By the spoken word. Yes. And that quote at the beginning of this post is right on!

I remember when I was brand new asking my manager what a gump was? What was a mullet? What was a gopher? These are terms I heard daily describing prospects or completed sales. I vowed that if I ever got into management I would do everything in my power to erase this horrible description of our industry’s prospects. What these misguided people were implying was that the customer was a sucker! Imagine selling something to someone and laughing at them behind their back. It happens in almost every sales organization in the country. I bamboozled that prospect. Boy did I suck them right in. These are not PROFESSIONAL SALES PERSONS! They are LOSERS!

I find it to be an honor when someone allows me the privilege to earn their trust enough to sell them something. The amount of integrity you display in front of or behind some one’s back is a direct reflection on your longevity in our great industry. It is also a direct reflection on your ability to maintain good staffing in your management team. I have fired people faster than you can blink for being disrespectful in their description of our customers. I hope I have said enough on this very important subject. Please believe me, YOU WILL pay the price for your lack of respect. Unfortunately you will pay for it for the rest of your life!

“The Specialist”


One Response to “Ethics and Morality in Sales and Management”

  1. Comrade Says:

    Deep! This is so true not only in sales but life. To be in service to others is the only way to live life to its fullest. In sales it happens to be a win win situation. I am new at this but a genuinely enjoy conversing and helping others. The rewards are not limited to monetary gain.
    Good stuff as always.

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