Self Confidence

March 16, 2007

Hi everybody,

It’s Friday and tomorrow is “Open Forum”, so get your questions in before tomorrow night.

Today’s post is on how to acquire Self Confidence. Of course it is one of the 8 basics of success. Let me start by saying this, if you don’t believe in yourself NOONE will believe in you! That is a fact! Think of this, have you ever noticed when a dog that can’t even speak can tell when you are afraid of it? Well, if a dog can can tell that, what do you think a person can tell? When I was single I wouldn’t even date a girl that didn’t believe in herself. If she didn’t believe in herself, how would she ever believe in me? How would she believe in our children?

There is a big difference between confidence and cockiness. A lot of young men mistake the two. You see, everyone would like to have self confidence, but unless they acquire it by chance, most have never been told the formula. SELF CONFIDENCE is acquired with a two step formula.

First, is PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE. Think back to your very first date. The reason you were nervous was you had no PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE. You didn’t know what you should do, shouldn’t do, or better not do! Relate this to your job. The more you learn about your job the more confidence you get.

The second part of the formula is HARD WORK. If you had never had another date after the first one you would be just as nervous on the next one because you didn’t work hard at it. In our social lives working hard at it doesn’t seem to be a problem. It shouldn’t be in our profession either. When I was a young man I was always told everything I could not do, or what I would never achieve. Fortunately for me I was given this formula as a young salesperson and having this secret changed my life forever. No matter what task I undertook, I simply applied the formula.

PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE and HARD WORK. It has never failed me, quite the contrary, knowing this information has enriched my life. If you believe in yourself, you will be amazed how others will believe in YOU, and how easy it will transform into sales. I hope this information will enrich your lives as well.

“The Specialist”


One Response to “Self Confidence”

  1. H.B.K. Says:

    Well, I must say that as a twenty year old this will definately come in handy. I will do my best to apply this to my work and to my social life.

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