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March 11, 2007

Hey everybody,

It is my favorite day of the week. I am actually honored to be able to answer and solve some of your problems. Thank you for the opportunity, and N-Lo, thank you very much for the compliment. It means a lot to me.

I am going to devote this Saturday to one particular question because it is involved and can possibly help a lot of people. N-Lo states she has male and female sales persons under her supervision and even though all the women are doing great the two male sales persons have a hundred excuses for not selling. Examples: There are no prospects, girls are better at sales then men…I think you get the picture. N-Lo, I think this is a management problem far more than a sales problem. There are some potential underlying issues here. For one, they may resent that they are working for a woman and coupled with perhaps some inexperience in your management, the situation is compounded.

Before I give you the solution to this and most management problems I want you to know that if these young men do harbor resentment because you are a woman, they probably will not work out. Lets run the ultimate test. There is a system I have been using since 1985 in solving sales and management problems that I will pass onto you. It is called the PRICE system. Each letter stands for something.

The “P” is for PINPOINT… pinpoint the problem with these two young sales persons.

The “R” is record the information (example: the desired result is for them to talk to x number of prospects a day, and sell x number of them). Are they not talking to enough prospects or are they not selling them after they talk to them or both? Pinpoint the problem then record the results.

The “I” is to involve them in the solution. Let them know you are recording the data for each phase of their employment. Show them what good behavior is and what unacceptable behavior is.

That brings me to the “C” in the equation. Inform them of the consequences of the desired results opposed to the consequences of the unacceptable results.

And finally you have the “E” for evaluation. Let them know that you will have a meeting with them in two weeks or whatever time frame you feel appropriate and then DO IT! Evaluate their performance. If there is an upswing in results give plenty of praise and continue forward. If the results do not get better or go backwards you can either completely start over with them or you can talk to them about a career change.

Once you put “The Price System to work you will find out that your professional approach to them eliminates the gender excuses. I hope I was of some help if you have further questions understanding the Price System don’t hesitate to ask again for help. By the way, you are this weeks winner. Don’t forget to e-mail “The Specialist” with your mailing information.

“The Specialist”


5 Responses to “Open Forum”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    ok,ok,ok, i think i have have heard plenty.
    some of what you say i think has merit,the rest is well, silly!
    i have been watching every day.I think your little blogs with their little stories are just awful!
    If my sales manager came into a meeting with this kind of info,like some readers have implied,I would laugh him out of the meeting.Sorry,couldnt keep quiet any longer!Your site sucks!!

  2. Clyde Says:

    Well, “anonymous”, it might benefit you to bring more to the table than just complaints without a suitable argument. If you have anything constructive and intelligent to bring to the table, then by all means bring it for all the viewers here to see. If you don’t have such insight, take your complaints elsewhere. Make your own blog; do something better.

    Posting as anonymous and making a cut-and-run comment like that shows a lack of courage and professionalism. I call “shenanigans” on you having a job in sales. I’d doubt you have a job at all.

    I can only speak for myself, but this site has done much for my career in sales. The stories “The Specialist” details are full of useful information and powerful advice.

    You really don’t grasp the opportunity it is to learn from the experienced person who authors this blog. To receive the kind of FREE mentoring given in this site deserves nothing less than great appreciation.

    I, for one, am grateful.

    My thanks to “The Specialist”.

  3. Mary Says:

    Thank you Clyde!! I have been a upset with the ridiculous comment sent earlier.I am so glad SOMEONE responded.
    I feel guilty because,I was waiting for someone else to answer.Its hard to believe….we are the only ones that felt enough passion about the benefit of this blog comment at all.
    I hope some other viewers speak out,just to say ,ditto!

  4. N-Lo Says:

    Ditto!!! Keep em coming specialist.

  5. JOSE Says:

    I have a question, when is to much information on a product enough? I ask this cause so many people ask me about what the program or software is and what does it do? And i dont know what to tell them and that gets me worried cause by not telling them enough gets them scared and then they end up not buying our product…..also is the customer always right when it comes to buying their pruduct? I also have a problem with my sales i havent had any sales and my boss is getting a little worried if im work effecient or not……and if he should waste his time on me….anyways my sales or not that good cause of gender….its harder for us guys to sell a product to guys….cause we dont have that charm and confortness that a woman gives them, so it always backfires on us….but enough with excuses i want to sell but how can i charm or intrigue a guy into to buying our product? so specialist what can i do? thank you……jose

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