Response to “Mrs. Negative”

March 9, 2007

Hi everybody,

I was getting ready to wrap up the week when I received a comment I had to respond to NOW! I have no one else to blame except my self because I encourage your questions and comments. Mrs. Anonymous says she is the most negative person in the world but despite all that she has lead her region in the country for 4 straight years. She also went on to state that she was a WINNER.

Mrs. Anonymous, for now I will refer to you as Mrs. Negative, you are confusing some issues here. 1st, just because you are perceived as negative does not mean that you are. By making the statement that you are a winner speaks volumes about how YOU perceive yourself. Quite frankly that is all that matters. 2nd, there have been many people who have been very successful in sales with a negative persona. Remember opposites attract. You happen to be one of the very few true professionals that adapted your personality to your own sales style. The mere fact that you let “The Specialist” and all of our readers know that you have led your region 4 years in a row also tells me how much pride you have in knowing you are truly one of the best! Now that you are not Mrs. Negative anymore I will refer to you as Mrs. Anonymous. You have had many great accomplishments, don’t lose sight of the fact that a true professional takes advantage of the gifts that have been bestowed on them, and always insist on being the very best YOU can be.

Thanks for your great comment.

“The Specialist”


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