The hidden importance of listening

March 7, 2007

I was privileged, as I so often I am, to get the opportunity to watch a very accomplished salesperson tonight, hence the topic of my posting changed just that quick.

This particular salesperson is light years ahead of his experience. Even though he made the sale, which netted him somewhere in the neighborhood of $2000, “The Specialist” couldn’t help but see a common error that so many new and ADVANCED salespeople make. While he had everything under control, the prospect asked him a question and he proceeded to explain his position and then finally answered their question. The problem with that is the order should have been reversed. Any time a prospect asks you a question always answer their question first, then go into your explanation.

Two things here…1st, sometimes if you just answer their question first, the reaction is such that you can see that no explanation is necessary. The prospect is happy and you don’t risk the chance of talking them out of the sale! 2nd, When a prospect asks you a question, they zone out until they hear the answer to THEIR QUESTION! All the explaining is for naught because they aren’t listening. They may “pretend” to be listening but their mind has left the building. Now they have lost interest in you, the subject, and consequently the sale. I always answer their question first while I am framing the answer to serve the ultimate goal of closing the prospect.

I hope you enjoyed the special bonus tip today and, as always, look forward to all your questions and comments.

“The Specialist”


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