Eye Contact

March 7, 2007

Hello everybody,

“The eyes are the window to the soul”. If you can’t look me in the eyes when you are talking to me you must not be telling the truth! We probably have heard at least one of these statements from someone in your life. There is a little truth in these statements but there is also a lot of myth in them. It is a fact that the biggest liars in the world know that you are indoctrinated to these part truths so they practice to the point of exhaustion in perfecting the art of lying to you while they drill a hole in you with their eyes. In the sales profession good eye contact is a must just because the average person believes these part truths are gospel!

“The Specialist” uses good eye contact with a much deeper purpose in mind. I’m sure you already guessed that. Besides the integrity part, by studying peoples eyes while you are conversing with them not only can you avoid embarrassing situations, but you can see with a slight movement of the prospects eyes that maybe the talking point you are discussing is not appealing to your customer. On the other hand, you may really want to DRIVE a point home when you see a favorable flicker of the prospects eyes. Is this heavy stuff? You betcha. Sales is a profession.

There are a million little things like this that make up the whole. I have literally made thousands of sales by actually switching gears right in the middle of a sentence when I see my talking point is not going to fly. For all the people that fancy themselves as professional salespeople there are very few that really are. If you have been reading this blog the last month, and I have just touched on a fraction of the whole picture, you will see that a tremendous amount of work goes into this profession. I stated in an earlier posting that I know very few people in any profession that are as well trained as a REAL professional salesperson.

In another posting I will show you how to counteract the liars and con men that think they can fool you because they look at you dead in the eyes. Then, and only then, when you have that ability will “the eyes TRULY be the windows to the soul” As always I look forward to your comments and questions.

“The Specialist”


One Response to “Eye Contact”

  1. Comrade Says:

    Another great insight. I’ve been practicing to pick up signals and I’m amazed on how fast those signals are conveyed. You really have to be watching after each and every phrase. I have learned to watch not only the reaction from my words but their signals when they are talking tell me the degree of their conviction(or lack) in what they are saying. i.e. if you can learn to read the mistruths from your prospects that also is a wealth of information. As usual great stuff

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